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This over 300 year old Oak tree had never been maintained in it's entire life. It had grown so out of control that it was making a mess in the homeowner's yard and creating a danger to the house.

After thorough and professional trimming it has been made safer, balanced, and absolutely beautiful!


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Tree Care is Important

Your trees are as important as your home!

It is neccesary to maintain the health and longevity of your property's trees. Not only for the their appearance, but for the safety of your family and home. Preventing disease with injections, removing deadwood, and trimming unwanted new growth, are all ways to keep your trees safe, healthy and beautiful.

Residential - Commercial - Site Clearing

Whatever your situation, we can handle your tree care needs. With over 25 years of reliable experience, satisfaction is what we do best.

24 Hour Emergency Services

When severe weather strikes unexpectedly, North Metro Tree Service can take care of  any mess that has occurred. Whether a tree has fallen in the yard, or on a building, we can quickly, and safely handle the job.

No job too big or too small. From your spring clean up brush piles to large clearing projects, there is only one tree service you need to call.

Our New Products and Services

If you've been a customer for years, or you're looking for tree care for the first time, there's only one Tree Service you need...


Getting your trees trimmed regularly not only keeps them looking their best, it also maintains their health, and ensures that they will be as safe as possible in any weather condition.

Tree Removal

Sometimes it msy be neccesary to remove trees, simply because they are unwanted, or more often due to the fact that they may pose a hazard to safety of our home. Also, when storm damage occurs, trees need to be quickly removed from homes or buildings.

Ash Tree Injections

The problem of the Emeral Ash Borer is a real threat. Our state's Ash trees have been endangered by the presence of the Ash Borer insect. In it's larvea form it cancause irreperable damage to Ash trees. Prevention is your tree's only protection and guarantee of survival.

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